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Introducing the New and Improved ‘RotoMultiGauge’ The team have been working on updating and designing a high tech version of our original digital gauge. This device can measure not only 1 but multiple parameters. Do you need a device that measures Temperature, Pressure or even both? And, with the added feature of calculating and measuring the density of liquid in LPG applications, the RotoMultiGauge is the next best thing if you need high accuracy measurements for your inventory needs.

This 3in1 digital instrument can be used as a single measurement device if all 3 are not required to give you better control of your inventory, and when integrated with our RotoLevel LT device these instruments work together to calculate the mass of the liquid within 0.5% accuracy. Our high tech system transfers all information through our telemetry device (RotoHub) to provide real-time analysis of your tank via our secure online data portal.

Here at RotoTechnology, we strive to achieve the best results for our customers by providing LPG users the ability to know exactly what they have and how much they have, therefore allowing much better inventory control.

Achieving multiple parameter measurement results of Bulk Storage Tanks through our ATEX certified products means that the system provides temperature, pressure, level, density and mass analysis in real-time to ensure you control your inventory in the best possible way with minimal waste or losses.

All data is accessed locally through your own personalised report via our secure online portal, this data is shown through charts, graphs and readings and all analytics are transmitted through the Cloud.

For more information on our complete ‘real-time’ continuous monitoring systems get in touch with the team at or call us on +91 8427001018