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We provide Field Instrumentation like Tank Gauge , TFMS , Flow Meter , Level Gauge , End to End Industrial Automation , Software Integration, IOT , AI & ML Solutions custom made for LPG Industry

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What We Do

Level Measurment

Level Measurment Solutions for LPG Tanks ,Fire Water Tanks , Diesel Tanks , Fuel Tanks . TFMS

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement Solution for LPG Pipeline , Water , Diesel , Compressed Air and other Media 

Density Measurement

Our combined Solution to measure Density can improve your Inventory Calculations immensly


Temperature Measurements for your Tanks, Process Lines , Critical Equipments 

Cloud Dashbaord

Our Centralised Cloud Dashboard can help you to Optimize your LPG Operations & monitor your Data from Anywhere

Artificial Intelligence

Our Modules of AI can Predict the failures of your Critical equipments like Fire Pumps , LPG Pumps & Compressors , Air Compressors and many more 

Custom made solutions for entire Supply chain for the LPG Marketing Companies and Distributors

Horizontal Tanks




Professional  Services & Technology Consulting

Our expertise is in designing a custom made solution only for you . This helps in optimising your existing resources and very few Reworks. We have helped the companies to Install Tank Gauging Systems without any Tank Modifications resulting in great amount of Savings.

We have Saved Millions of Dollars and Months of Shutdown time by Installing our Systems without taking a Shutdown on the LPG Bullets and Horton Spheres .

Our Expert Team is here to guide you about the Latest techniques that can be used in minimum downtime at the LPG Plant Level and Maximum Revenue Generation.

Our Work Completions with big companies like Indian Oil , Hindustan Petroleum , Bharat Petroleum , Nectar Life , Panacea Biotech is a Testimony to our great Workmanship.


LPg Burner

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our Integrated Advance Portal is the only Software you should buy in your plant and it can Integrate all parts of your plant be it Tank Farm Area , Bottling Area , Fire Fighting , Gas Detection , Utility Equipment , S&D , Safety etc . As a Plant Manger have a view of your entire plant on a Single Platform.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

We work with you in 5 Spheres , however we have only one Mission ” To Provide you the Data on one Plaform”