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Our FlagShip Product – Truly Non Invasive Level gauge for LPG Bullets

Our Products are Truly Non Invasive in Nature

✅ No Need of Tank Opening

✅ No Need of any Nozzle on the Tank

✅ No Need of Welding Drilling of the Tank

✅ No Need of any Hot Work

✅ No Need of any Shutdown

✅ Sensing from Outside the Walls

✅ IIOT Ready

✅ SAP/ERP Integration ready

Take a Look At How our Truly Non Invasive Sensor Works

Checkout how our RADAR is exceptional

Our Level Sensors for LPG

Non Invasive UltraSonic

✳️ Truly Non Invasive

✳️ Bonds to the Bottom of the Vessel

✳️ Measures the Temperature as well

✳️ Open Communication

Non Contact RADAR

✳️ 80 GHz

✳️ 1mm Accuracy

✳️ Fits on Nozzle Size 1 in to 20 in

✳️ Open Communication

Servo gauge

✳️ Float and Disk Type

✳️ Calibration Chamber

✳️ Accepts External Pressure & Temperature

✳️ Open Communication

Guided Wave RADAR

✳️ 2mm Accuracy

✳️ Coaxial Probe for High Turbulent Applications

✳️ High Pressure upto 160 Bar

✳️ Open Communications

Level Gauges Explained for LPG

If you are in the LPG industry, whether as a bottler, supplier, or consumer, you know how important it is to have accurate and reliable level sensing techniques for measuring LPG inventory. That’s why we’ve created a video that explains the various types of level sensing techniques you can use for LPG level measurements.With over 26 years of experience in the instrumentation industry, we have extensive knowledge in this area and have created a video that showcases the different methods you can use to measure LPG levels. From the traditional level gauge to the more advanced RADAR gauge, we cover it all in this video.


  • Storage Vessels – Hortons , Bullets
  • Intermediate – Vapour Evacuation Vessels
  • Intermediate – Chemical Dosing
  • Safety – Fire Water Tanks
  • Transportation – Bulk Tankers
  • Commercial – Bulk Cylinders
  • Commercial – Cylinder Banks
  • Operations – Diesel Tank Levels

We have Level Gauge for Every Application of LPG

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